About Us

Who We Are

Adama Sawadogo spent years studying the “ghost children” conundrum.  It turned out it was difficult to find a technological solution that fitted with his country’s needs… until he met Francis Bourrières.   

Together, they imagined a simple yet revolutionary tech solution that would be simultaneously comply with the local constraints and respect the integrity and reliability of a national civil registry.

The result of this quest is iCivil : an integrated solution for the last mile people.

Whether it is used in rural or urban areas, iCivil does not require any superfluous structural investment, just a smartphone and a GSM network.  Francis Bourrières and his teams imagined the rest by employing his revolutionary invention: the Bubble Code

The bubble code is a unique code generated by chaos and nature delivering unpredictable digital signatures.  So far, the bubble code used to be used to certify the authenticity of documents and objects… now it’s used to certify people.


How it all began


To give people the means to enforce their rights.


Our goals are a question of principles


The people behind the solution