The Technology Behind iCivil

iCivil is an integrated solution for the registration of births and other vital events.  It is “integrated” because iCivil is the only solution that offers the declaration, registration and issue of birth certificates.

For evident reasons, we have started by focusing iCivil on the registration of births, but this CRVS solution can be applied to every vital event in a citizen’s life: birth, marriage, adoption, divorce, death. 

The solution comprises a smartphone app and a unique and authenticated bubble code for each identifier.

When registering births, the unique bubble code is integrated to a plastic hospital bracelet for newborns.  The midwife, nurse, or any other authorized operator, flashes the bracelet with the smartphone via the iCivil app.  The operator then fills in the form on the phone and the data is sent via an encrypted SMS to the central server at the national civil registration center.  At the end, confirmation of this declaration will be returned to the nurse if the bracelet exists in the national registration center.  The newborns are officially registered as citizens, just hours after their birth.

After this first step, the child’s parents can collect the birth certificate at any moment (the same day and even 20 or 80 years later), at any civil registration office nationwide.  After presenting the Bubble Bracelet, they are prompted to fill in extra details.  Once that is accomplished, the final birth certificate will be issued.

The Bubble Code and an Encrypted SMS : the Perfect Ecosystem for the Authentication of Vital Events.

The newborn’s bubble bracelet paired with an encrypted SMS form an unfalsifiable identification number.

Unfalsifiable because the bubble code is a unique code that it is impossible to clone.  It’s a 3D chaosmetric code generated by a natural phenomenon (bubbles of air in a drop of resin).  Because bubbles are totally unpredictable, it is impossible to get duplicates.  Opposed to codes generated by algorithms (QR codes for example), it is impossible to hack bubble codes.  The bracelets have a life span of 250 years, they don’t break or malfunction and are extremely cheap compared to the biometric systems available on the market.

The encrypted SMS permits the emission of sensitive information safely to the state’s civil registration center.  All that is required is a GSM coverage (2G will suffice).  However, the smartphone app guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the data  which is collected, the declaration centers are geo-located.

It’s the combination of a unique object (the bubble bracelet) and the information contained in the SMS that enables the authentication of vital events.  The bubble code is the proof of identity of its owner.


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A pre-registered bubble bracelet is placed on the newborn.
The midwife (or any other authorized personnel) scans the bracelet with the iCivil application and fills in the form with the newborn's vital information on the smartphone
An encrypted SMS is sent to the central civil registration server. The system verifies the existence and the availability of the attributed number. The database is incremented with the newborn's data


The parents present their child's bubble bracelet to a civil registration officer
The bracelet is scanned, and its bubble code is verified. Compliance leads to the recognition and the registration of the child. The bracelet can be used for the delivery of other administrative documents
The birth certificate can be issued with the copy of the bracelet's bubble code. The child has a legal existence.

A Solution that Offers More Than Reliable Statistics

Because the data is transmitted in real-time, the iCivil solution enables governments to have a real-time analysis of it’s country’s demographic statistics.  iCivil can be used for birth certificates but the system can be used for dynamic census of populations too.

In essence, with iCivil it is possible to conduct a census with a “bubble card” in lieu of a “bubble bracelet”.  With the iCivil system, in seconds, every member of the country’s population  is identified and obtains a certified legal existence.  This is a game-changer as they can now freely participate in their country’s economy.

By implementing iCivil, Nations are implementing a modern and efficient governing tool that empowers them to perform objective planification, civil participation, anticipation and resource optimization.

The registration of births is just one small facet of iCivil’s potential.  In fact, iCivil enables the implementation of related CRVS applications such as iCivil Health to create a health ecosystem for every nation.  For example, iCivil enables the planification, the execution, the follow-up and the evaluation of health services.  Ditto for passport emissions, voting stations, bank accounts, education, justice, refugees, real-estate and much more…

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