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100% of Births are Registered, in Real-Time, Everywhere, for Everyone

*CRVS = Civil Registration & Vital Statistics

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" With iCivil, children near and far, rich and poor will finally have access to the foundational right to an identity. It's a question of justice for every child. With iCivil, they will rise from legal inexistence to the status of citizens. We are committed to paving the way to legal equity"

Since 2015

30 %
of newborns have been declared and registered in the national civil registration records
1 +
countries have shown interest for the solution
national roll-out in Burkina Faso
and Republic of Chad

After BURKINA FASO, iCivil sets up in CHAD

Legal Identity For All: a Global Challenge

Legal identity is a foundational right: it’s the only one that leads to all vital services.

The United Nations have made it a priority, and legal registration of children it is enlisted in the Sustainable Development Goal 16.9.

In emerging countries, half the birth declarations never reach the national records and if the data is recovered, it’s usually outdated, making public policies difficult and the distribution of benefits uncontrollable.

iCivil solves the causes of these situations with a pragmatic, real-time solution based on existing and proven technology.



For the wellbeing of families and individuals.


Simple and cost-efficient solutions 


Demonstrating the effectiveness through implementation

Many parents do not register their children at birth because of distance, lack of resources, or traditional customs.

This situation perpetrates the “ghost children” conundrum in emerging countries.

These children are excluded and deprived a social and economical future.

Empowering Nations with iCivil

iCivil is the only solution that complies with the UN’s SGD in “providing a legal identity for all by 2030”.

iCivil is a modern and centralized CRVS (Civil Registration and Vital Statistics) solution that complies with the SGD 16.9. The birth registrations are performed by a health officer and automatically result in the legal registration at the Civil Registration Center.

After 4 years of a successful pilot project in Burkina Faso, iCivil is now being rolled-out in the entire country.

A Hi-Tech Solution for Emerging Countries

iCivil’s DNA stems from two complimentary cultures : on one side, a perfect knowledge of the cultural, geographical and structural constraints of Africa, and on the other side, the innovation and excellence of a French high-tech company.

iCivil is the brainchild of Adama Sawadogo, a brilliant entrepreneur, philanthropist and engineer from Burkina Faso and Francis Bourrières, an award-winning French inventor and entrepreneur.

iCivil generates and records a unique number that is used to identify each citizen. The pairing of a simple yet genius “bubble code” and an encrypted SMS enables iCivil to send sensitive data to the national Civil Registration Center for archiving.

" We are extremely proud that a revolutionary technology, uncovered from chaos and chance is simultaneously a solution for ghost children and the facilitator of Africa's entrance into the digital economy. Thanks to iCivil, Africa will become the cradle of a whole new development model"



The solution is built on affordable technology and its management costs are lower than any existing system.


Every individual becomes a player in the development of their country.


Knowledge of population enables social planification and access to the digital economy.


Development policies are measured with precision.

We Have Their Support

iCivil has been acclaimed by many international and regional institutions for its ingenuity and simplicity.

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