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iCivil Conquers the World according to Djamana Info and SavaneFM

Many thanks to Kim Aurel for reporting the visit of a delegation from the Democratic Republic of Congo to our iCivil pilot site in Ouagadougou. 

The members of the delegation who visited the maternity in Schiphra and the civil registration in Ouagadougou were impressed by our approach that they find “positive” and that will “facilitate a lot of things” in terms of civil registration 

Dr Chantal Lusikila, head of the division in charge of Family and Civil Registration Coordination in DRC explained that this approach would be necessary for the DRC especially with the unique identification number.

Read the article here (in French) 

Find out more about the iCivil solution here.

Au même moment, la radio SavaneFM reprenait cette information.  Voir la publication Facebook.

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