For the Children and their Parents

Every child declared at birth is automatically registered in the central civil registration center’s database.

Parents don’t have to travel long distances to register newborn births.

Acceleration of the delivery of birth certificates anywhere in the country.

iCivil can account for previous vital events (population census for example).

The assurance of existing in the national civil register gives access to all the other legal rights.

The bubble bracelet withheld by its owner is the unique and incontestable proof of the citizen’s existence.

Access to vaccination campaigns and appropriate healthcare.

Access to education and social protection.

Access to age-compliant justice. 

Protection against early marriages.

Enables to marry legally at adulthood.

For the States

The state keeps its autonomy in the constitution of a civil registry.

Rapid achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 16.9

A national civil registry is automatically generated: it is easy to monitor and control national statistics.

It is the cheapest Interactive CRVS solution on the market. 

Assurance for the State to have an efficient and dynamic CRVS system.

Assurance of having a solid and reliable database for the different government bodies to plan their public investment policies. 

Substantial improvement of democracy : direct access to reliable and indisputable electoral lists where every citizen counts.  No expensive biometric system required.

Substantial improvement of the rule of law.  A reliable and exhaustive national registry is the prerequisite to an efficient and monitored management of the rights attributed to citizens.

Technology transfers enable the States to maintain the system themselves, giving them unlimited autonomy.

Only authorized players have access to the system (medical centers, civil registration centers).

It is possible to measure and anticipate public policies.

Permits the transitions from a sense of legal insecurity to a state of confidence.

Paves the way for major civil organization projects.

Opens the country up to the digital economy and empowers countries into the status of “emergence” in 5 years.

For the States' Partners

Flawless targeting of humanitarian action.

The supra-national organizations and NGOs no longer have to substitute the sovereign states in the registration of births or population census. Civil registration is automatic and is no longer sporadic.

Partners can rely on reliable civil data to bring their aid faster and better to the regions that need it the most.

Enables the World Health Organisation or other partners (such as Gavi) to get feedback on health campaigns regardless of the individual’s nationality or location, thanks to the interoperable unique identifier generated by the bubble code. 

Health organisations can  access up to date digital vaccination books.

Responds to the requirement to identify the “last mile people”.