Meet the Team

The Founders

Portrait Co-fondateur de l'équipe iCivil Adama Sawadogo

Adama Sawadogo


Adama Sawadogo is a young African entrepreneur specialized in documentary fraud, he is also passionate about information technology.

Adama is the architect and the designer of the iCivil platform.

Now aged 40, he has decided to dedicate his life to the future of his continent.  All his time and effort is focused on getting each and every citizen legally registered.  The existence of an exhaustive civil registration system is the only prerequisite that will empower Africa.  Letting Africa’s children participate in the virtuous circle, the digital economy and the creation of wealth is the key to wellbeing and prosperity.

Adama Sawadogo has been awarded with many distinctions including African Personality of the year in 2017 by the BBC and RFI, and designated “Change Maker” by UNICEF.

Francis Bourrières


Founder of the research lab NOVATEC, President and founder of Prooftag, Francis Bourrières is also an award-winning industrial engineer.  He co-invented the iCivil solution based on his patented bubble code that supports the solution that Adama designed.

Novatec has filed many patents and has granted exclusive and disruptive licenses to major industrial players around the world.  Francis has been awarded the highest distinctions from his peers.

The Bubble Code was the result of a fortuitous mistake and gave birth to the company Prooftag in 2004, a leading player in authentication and traceability solutions.  Every year, tens of millions of bubble codes are created to fight counterfeits, fraud and identity theft in a number of applications where the highest protection is required.  Today, this technology is used for iCivil.


Portrait du chargé des relations extérieures de l'équipe iCivil Clement Kaiser

Clément Kaiser


CEO Prooftag SAS

Portrait de l'architecte en chef des solutions numériques de l'équipe iCivil François Carabin

François Carabin

Head architect for digital solutions

Portrait de l'expert identifiant unique de l'équipe iCivil Florian André

Florian André


Cédric Nadal


Portrait de l'IT SAV de l'équipe iCivil Matthieu Lebougre

Mathieu Lebougre