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iCivil in Jeune Afrique

Thank you to Jeune Afrique for featuring this interview with Adama Sawadogo for their special report called “Burkina Faso, the art of bouncing back”

Read the article on Jeune Afrique here  (in French)

Photo credit : Sophie Garcia pour

« According to UNICEF, 230 million children do not have a legal existence and over 2.4 billion people do not have a birth certificate. In Africa alone, over half the population does not have a legal identity for lack of birth registration. As soon as I found out how big an effect on people's lives this had, I designed iCivil. It's a technical solution that solves the problem with simple tools but respects the technical and legal constraints."

In Africa almost half the population does not legally exist, because they weren't registered at birth"

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