iCivil is in Telestar Magazine

Many thanks to Sylvia De Abreu for inviting us for an interview in the French TV Magazine TéléStar.

To go a bit further after the programme “Droit de Suite” on French public TV station Public Sénat, TéléStar wanted to know a bit more about Adama Sawadogo’s story and iCvil.

Read the article here (in French).

"Without a date of birth, they only have an approximate age : it is impossible to vaccinate these children. However, this won't stop armed forces from enrolling them by force into conflicts as "adults". Without a birth certificate, they will have to leave school at the end of primary school, and will not be allowed to apply for a job, nor get married, nor receive inheritance from their parents. If these children are captured in a war zone, they won't be considered missing, and therefore nobody will be allowed to look for them. Robert Badinter nailed it by saying "they are ghost children, doomed to be wretched".

"My wish is that iCivil gets deployed throughout Africa. Saving these children is a global challenge."

"My invention will enable millions of children to finally have an identity"

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