GSMA Identifies iCivil as Viable Civil Registration Solution in Emerging Countries

Mobile phone usage in Africa is exceeding expectations across the whole continent.  At the same time, identity theft is a growing issue worldwide.  The GSMA with the support of the UK’s DFID (Department for International Developmen) have written a comprehensive case study of 2 digital identity solutions that are being used in existing GSM networks.

One of them is Juvo, a mobile banking solution that predicts the behavior of a user and with this data, constructs a digital identity.  The other solution that took the GSMA’s favors is iCivil, an application that registers the birth of newborns via a bracelet, a mobile app and encrypted SMS messages. This simplification of vital events will finally alleviate the Ghost Children crisis that Africa is currently facing.

Both solutions show how mobile phones can be used in countries where the landline infrastructure is ill equipped and show how both solutions will help people deprived of an identity finally gain one thanks to digital identity.

Download the case studies of both of these applications  and read the GSMA’s press release.

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